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Having achieved results for oil and gas providers, energy companies, legal firms, and beyond, our seasoned team of consultants and developers understand the unique challenges facing virtually any organization. Our innovative software solutions are ideal for modern teams seeking a dynamic competitive edge.


Retail Energy

For upstream and downstream energy companies alike, our team at Quick Software Solutions offers a wide range of high-quality software and data analysis integrations that facilitate better management, more efficient operations, and improved profitability. Our solutions include:

  • Risk management systems to understand and mitigate adverse outcomes.
  • Pricing and scheduling software that maximizes efficiency and profits.
  • Data analysis and project management tools for more effective decisions and oversight.
  • And custom-tailored solutions for specific challenges or long-term improvements.

Flexibility is at the core of our services. As part of our data science and software development solutions within the energy industry, we offer on-site consultants who ensure seamless operability while our onshore, nearshore, and offshore teams provide development and testing.

Since 2002, our Houston-based team has supported major international energy providers. Get in touch today to discover why Quick Software Solutions is the trusted name to know for quality tech solutions.


Oil and Gas

Within the oil and gas industry, dependable software and data analysis tools are key for more strategic and efficient exploration, production, and processing operations. At Quick Software Solutions, we build versatile solutions that include:

  • Multi-source data capture to analyze environmental and geological factors.
  • Workflow analysis tools to maximize production efficiency.
  • Engineering software to plan for safe and cost-effective recoveries.
  • And custom-tailored solutions for specific challenges or long-term improvements.

We routinely work hand-in-hand with engineers and industry experts, developing sophisticated digital solutions for worldwide oil and gas operations. Our data-driven projects provide the support that engineers need to identify opportunities and manage production as economically as possible.

Having partnered with global oil and gas enterprises since 2002, our Quick Software Solutions team offers best-in-class support for our clients. Get in touch with our support team today to discuss how our solutions can meet your needs.

Over the years, we have partnered with top law firms throughout every specialty. As a result, our developers and consultants are adept at building cost-effective solutions centered on dependability and accuracy. Reach out to discuss how we can expand your firm’s capabilities.