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Bring Your Kid to Work Day, Just Became Everyday

Working from home is difficult enough in the short term, but working at home under the lockdown of the COVID-19 crisis can seem impossible. We have 18 years of experience working at home with remote teams around the world and we have found a few rules that can help you work well while keeping your family happy, safe, and sane.

  • Keep your finger on the Mute Button and Turn off the WebCam
    Keeping your microphone muted and webcam off when your child walks in will keep the disturbance to a minimum. If the webcam is off, it allows you the flexibility to even put your child on your lap during the meeting. The more you interact with your child, the quieter he or she will be.
  • Virtual Meetings Need Crayons, Dolls or Legos
    Young children don't always follow the rules, so having crayons, dolls or legos next to your desk with an area for your son or daughter to play will make them feel like they are doing something important while you are in the meeting. If you turn your webcam off, you can even put your child on your lap and nobody will know.
  • Fifteen Minutes to Sanity
    If you take fifteen minutes every two hours and play with your kids, they will be less likely to come into your office and disturb your work and your meetings.
    Ideas For Playing With Children
    • Play Legos
    • Have a Tea Party
    • Jump On a Trampoline
    • Play Hide and Seek
    • Play a Board Game Such as Candyland
  • A Tired Child is a Quiet Child
    Throw a ball, ride a bike or do something outside with your children for at least thirty minutes, and you might even get a good nap from your child.
  • A Nature Walk A Day Keeps the Doctor Away
    A small nature walk every day will get your children outside and give you a teaching opportunity with your children.
  • Make Mealtimes About Being Together
    During this stressful time, the best thing you can do is to bring everybody together in a happy moment. If you make the cooking and preparation of the meal part of the togetherness, you will find that it will relieve stress.
  • Creating a realistic schedule is the key to your sanity
    Working from the office protects your work time against the minor childhood emergencies so you can actually get work done so creating a schedule for yourself with fifteen minutes every hour or two for your children is crucial to keeping a realistic schedule.
  • Bring the Office Walls Home
    Creating physical boundaries between work and home life is essential to the success of working from home in the long term. We recommend that you have a separate room with a desk or table and a chair to work from. If that is not available, a closet or even a separate table will work. However, the area needs to be where you work at all times to your children will learn when you are “at work.”
  • Give Your Children Goals
    Movies and video games only work for short periods of time. Giving your children educational goals makes them feel productive and will keep them engaged for longer periods of time. Homeschooling has been around for a long time so there are a lot of resources available now.